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The Superior Court of California, County of Madera, is committed to meeting the public needs.


Civil Cases

Civil Cases involve claims by one party or individual against another for wrongs committed or damages done. 


Civil Limited and Unlimited Cases


The Criminal Court Division processes misdemeanor and felony complaints. 


Criminal Court Division

Domestic Violence

Do you need assistance obtaining a Domestic Violence Restraining Order?


Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Family Court Services

Family Court Services offers Child Custody Mediation and Probate Investigation services for matters referred by the Court.


Family Court Services

Family Law

Family Law Cases involve legal proceedings related to family and marriage issues.


Family Law Court


Juvenile cases involving minors under 18 years of age.


Juvenile Law Cases


Probate cases involve property rights after a death, including: Guardianship, Conservatorship, and Petition to Terminate Joint Tenancy


Probate Court

Small Claims

Small Claims involve one party or individual seeking damages from another party or individual with a value less than $5,000. 


Small Claims Court


Traffic cases involve violations of the California Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) code. There are three general types of violations: parking tickets, traffic infractions, and felony violations.


Traffic Court