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Civil Limited & Unlimited Cases

Civil Cases Between Private Parties

Civil Cases involve claims by one party or individual against another for wrongs committed or damages done. Civil Cases can be divided into these main categories:

  • Civil Unlimited: The claims are for an amount greater than $35,000*.
  • Civil Limited Between $35,000* and $10,000: The claims are for an amount between $35,000* and $10,000.
  • Civil Limited Less Than $10,000: The claims are for an amount less than $10,000, such as Residential Unlawful Detainers, Civil Harassment, Employment Harassment, and Elder Abuse, to list a few.
  • Small Claims: The claims are for an amount less than $10,000
  • Adoptions

* The $35,000 figure noted above increased from $25,000, effective January 1, 2024, as a result of Senate Bill 71 (2023-24 Legislative Year).


Current fees assessed through this department can be found on the Schedule of Fees.


Forms typically used in this department can be found here, and on the California Judicial Council website and are available at the Main Courthouse.

Local Procedures and Notes

  • Ex-parte hearings are heard in Department 37, 40, 44, and 45 Monday-Friday at 8:15 A.M. Documents along with the 24-hour Notice or Non-notice Declaration must be submitted to the courts no later than 11:00 a.m. the previous work day prior to the court date.
  • All documents are to be filed two (2) days prior to the court date.
  • Madera Superior Court does not have a Probate Examiner on staff. Plaintiffs must complete the forms properly by themselves or seek legal assistance from an attorney or paralegal.
  • If you are scheduled for a long-cause trial in Dept. 44 or 45, please take a moment to review the Standing Pre Trial Order - Departments 44 & 45.

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