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Jury Duty Scam Mentioning Bail Bonds Company - New Notification to the Public

The Madera County Superior Court continues to receive complaints from concerned citizens about callers misrepresenting themselves as having authority over their jury service.  In prior alerts, the public was notified that individuals were falsely representing themselves as employees of the Madera County Sheriff's Office.  These latest complaints involve individuals who are misrepresenting themselves as employees of a well-known bail bonds company.  

If you receive a call or message from a 'bail bonds company' stating that you have a 'warrant out for your arrest for failing to appear in Madera for jury duty' and that if you do not call back, 'you will be arrested,'  please know that this is a SCAM and DO NOT RESPOND.   It is an attempt to fraudulently and illegally gain access to  your financial information!!  The calls or messages may come from a 1-800 number ending in 0323, or a general number ending in 1901, with a 669 area code.

The Madera County Superior Court IS NOT issuing warrants for failing to appear for jury duty.  Please contact the Court's Jury Division if you have questions about the status of your jury service.

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